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My Online Mashis world’s key supplier of Web Page Hosting Services and IT Programs. We have reserve the right to refuse to serve anyone. This agreement is made between Service Provider and Customer whenever Service is requested by Customer.

Suspension of Account:

We have the right to suspend any customer’s access and account without any prior notice or reason.

Violation of Policy

My Online Mash has the right to cancel the account of any customers it he/she or they violate this Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

Identification Information:

You must be over 18 and must be the person official responsible for all use of your account. If you are below 18 you must provide parental approval in order to sign up. You are liable to provide your full information such as, your name, postal address, email address, telephone number for our records.


Authorized person for Credit Card:

You also agree that you are real person and authorized person to any Credit Card that you use for payment and you are personal responsible for any fake Credit Card Usage.


Reseller or Sharing Account:

You are the sole responsible for the use of Sharing or Reselling Account, whether you have given or not. We are not liable for any damage caused with this type of account.


Setting Up Account:

We will set up your account after receiving payments. Please provide us email address for establishing the account and further discussion.

No Warranties:

MyOnlineMashis not giving any warranty for the services being offered. The service is provided on an “as is” and available without warranty bases. We are not liable directly or indirectly for any loss or extensive damages that occurs due to use or inability to use the services.


Deletion of Data:

We are not responsible of deletion of data due to use or inability to use from customers or from company.


Not responsible for Omissions and Errors:


We are also not responsible of omissions, deletion of files, error, defect, delays in operations or any other failure.



Termination of Any Sub Account:

We have reserved the right to terminate any sub account of Multiple Hosting Plan or any Reseller Account prior any notice if someone is committed any violation the acceptable user policy.

All Rights Reserved

The company has all the right reserved.


Backups and Data Loss:

Company is held liable for the loss of any data or Backups. You are bound to use the service at your own risk. You are the responsible to transfer of data and maintain all backups of files on our servers.


Cancellation and Refund Policy

MyOnlineMashreserve the right to cancel the user account at any time with any notice due to or any misuse of account.

Company gives you 15 days unconditional money back guarantee, and refund after 15 days will not be negotiated by the company.

Usage of Bandwidth:

The company has allocated you a monthly bandwidth depending upon your package. Company will charge more if you’re allotted bandwidth exceeds your limit.


MyOnlineMashwill not be held liable for any damage your business suffers. This includes Close of data, loss of data, international delays or any services interruptions caused by us or our employees.

Change of Terms and AUP:

We reserve the right of changing or revise the policies of our company at any time without any notice.