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Online Learning is More Valuable than Traditional College

online LEARNING or DISTANCE Learning these days online learning is more valuable than traditional college education because of many reasons. Online learning, has given the new height to education sector, like of live classes, video conferencing and much more. Online learning or distance learning has pushed the conventional educational techniques back.


Online Learning is a low Budget Education

Online learning or distance learning is considering the skyrocketing costs of college tuition.  For more than 20 years or the college expenses increased a lot. Moreover, if you have a good college degree you can get a good job.

Rising Cost of Universities Tuition Fee

Rising cost of Universities is a great threat of students. The cost of education has risen a lot in not just USA but worldwide. High fee of traditional schools is the main reason of promoting of online learning. Online learning and colleges have promoted for decades because of many reasons, of course.

Non-Profit Organization

There are many organizations who work as non-profit organization. We are here talking about an atmosphere of free learning from the best available lecturers. We have many organizations like Khan Academy, for example, is a non-profit organization with a goal of providing a free world-class education to anyone, anywhere. The Khan Academy has offered more than 300 million lessons and 290 million YouTube channel views as compare to MIT channel’s 52 million YouTube and less half of Khan’s 1,300,000 subscribers. This is called the power of video and online learning.

Disadvantage of Online Learning or Distance Learning

The main disadvantage of online learning is the degree issue. Most of the entrepreneurs do not accept these online diplomas and degrees, which cause some sort of unemployment and mental disharmony among the degree holders.

I believe they absolutely should. For example, you can take practically every MIT course on ITunes University. But because you did not pay tuition, you don’t get a diploma at the end of it. That’s simply not reasonable for rejecting a promising job candidate in today’s business. Moreover, for getting a good job, a candidate must need a diploma or degree.  This is not that only skill is enough for the job, big organizations must acquire degrees for job.

On the Internet, everything is available in DM, the best access material you have, most unique in the world’s leading scientists. That’s not true typical in a school and that is an online where valuable formation than a typical school degree. When I die amount of money did for colleges require tuition to spend, I make sure I have the best teachers. In an online environment, open to give you the best speakers in each area to find and absorb the information did at their own pace. And if you have an internet connection, can you can do for free.

This value is particularly relevant for older workers. Younger people may be willing a debt of five or six digits make their related studies. But if I have an employee of 45 or 50 years old, I cannot really afford to pay a debt of six figures to get a degree that incrementally add to my earning potential for the rest of my life acquisition? Will I get the money? Overall, online learning programs have increased a lot in recent times.

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