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These days it is very easy to create a business website and in this article we will give you some very good tips in this regard. The existence of your company begins and ends with your website because a good website is a necessity for all type of business entrepreneurs, Home Based Businesses, Small Scale Businesses or anyone selling servicesor commodities. If you’re trading online products or services you should have a very good website for this purpose.However, if you don’t trade online directly, then your website will work as your business card, with data about you, your business, and services untaken. Your website includes all necessary details your business, background, experience, and other credentials details to give you reliability and providepossible customers more confidence while making a deal with your business.

7 steps for creating a business website

The following are the 10 steps how to create a business website that everyone loves.

  1. Decide the Purpose of Creating a Business Website

First of all you should be clear about the purpose, why you are going to create a business website. The first step in this regard is to decide what your website is going to do for you. You need to create a business website which may be static or dynamic. If you don’t add content on regular basis then you will need a static website. And if you add content on regular basis you need a Dynamic business website. Moreover, if you want to create a business website as an online store, you will need to create a fantastic e commerce website. In e commerce website you can sale your products to wide choice of clients. Sometime you justwant a blog which is known as a sub-domain. These sub domains are offered by many companies like WordPress, Blogspot, and Webs etc. free for users.


  1. Get Your Domain Name
    Second step you will need to do is to get a good domain name. In fact, this is first step which helps to create a business website. For buying a domain name, you have to pay ayearly fee to a registrar. You can get your domain name from Hostgattor, BlueHost, godaddy, ipage etc. Once you register a desired Domain Name you have the liberty to start creating a business website. Register a domain name according to your business. Don’t take name which is not relevant to your business.
  2. Choose a Web Host and Sign Up for an Account

The third step in order to create a business website is to host your website to the internet via those companies who provides hostingservices. A web host company is basically a company that has many computers connected to the Internet and when you put or host your website on their computers, everyone can view it from all over the world. Pay a certain amount to these Hosting Companies and get sign up for an account. Top hosting companies are Hostgattor, BlueHost, godaddy, ipage etc.

  1. Designing your Website’s Template

If you are not a web designer then you will have to hire a web designer. Always hire a good designer if you want to create a business website that gives more business.

And if you are creating a business website by your own, then you should choose a very good template because is the foundation of any website.

  1. Creating of pages and structure of your website

The pages and structure should be very easy and attractive. The navigation of your website will determine how your clients or visitors will find the content. Always make a simple navigation with clear order of pages is the good way to assist your customers. Always try to create a business website that has wonderful pages and structure.

  1. Add an About Page

About page is very important where you can talk about yourself, like the history or nature of your business. Create a business website which should have a about page.

  1. Add aContact Page

When you create a business website you will need to have a ‘Contact Page’, because, with the help of this page your clients can keep in touch with you effortlessly. Also make up a ‘Blog’ for your general discussion or events or whatever in your mind about your business.

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